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Chiropractic Testimonials

Wonderful Care

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care that I have received from you these past months. Since my car accident well over a year ago I have been in constant pain with my back and excruciating headaches. I was at the point of telling myself that I must learn to live with the pain, that it would not get better. My last resort was to come to your office. I am excited to say that in a matter of weeks my pain has decreased to the point that I am able to sleep through the night, and my headaches have subsided to the point that I forget about them. I am ready to call you my “Miracle Doctor.”

- Pat K.

Very Professional

"I have been coming to Dr. Mac for the past year for various reasons. It has been a joy. Needs were met and the Office experience was very professional."

- Brebda

Wonderful Doctor

"Dr. Mac is a wonderful doctor that takes time to assist in the needs and wellness of his patients very trust worthy person, I highly recommend him."

- Sharon

Great Health Care

"I'm learning how to undo the affects of long term stress. Dr. Mac is sensitive to the whole body not just one part or system. Wholistic health care."

- Arthuretta Martin

Highly Reccomend

"Dr. Mac is awesome! My neck pain is lots better! And his personality is wonderful! HIGHLY recommend him!"

- Kristin Atchkey

Very Satisfied

"I have never been to a chiropractic service before my sessions with Dr. Mac. My experience with his treatment has been very productive and the results were pretty much immediate. Very satisfied."

- Anthony D.


"I went in to see Dr. Mac not knowing what my back problem was stemming from. After careful examinations and progressive treatments, Dr. Mac has handled my care in a methodical and excellent manner. Thanks to his expertise, I am pain-free and able to manage myself after giving me his knowledge. I highly recommend Dr. Mac."

- Rene Cabezudo

Cares About Everyone

"I had the privilege of spending a little over an hour with Dr. Mac this week, and the one thing I came away with is that he really cares about everyone that he works with. It comes across in everything he does."

- Jim Fulford

Instantly Felt Better!

"I went to Dr. Mac's office because I was having pain in my back and hip that stopped me running. At the time, I did not have any experience with chiropractors. For weeks, I was having a lot of pain that none of my doctors could help me with, therefore I was willing to try out alternative routes. The treatments & massages are targeted to the problem places, which he was able to easily identify. After seeing him only four times, my pain was 95% gone. Dr. Mac is also very friendly and accommodating. I was so pleased with his services, that I brought my mom to his office too, who has been having chronic pain for years. She started feeling better almost instantly and is on route to being pain-free."

- Zita R.

Doctor From God!

"Thank you for being my doctor. I think you are the Doctor from God! Before coming to your office I could not lift my arms and perform fine motor functions, and I was having daily constant headaches, mid back and lower back pain! I feel much better after your treatments/massage sessions. After each treatment I do not have headaches for 4 to 5 days. Generally, I feel much better than before I started your treatments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Manya G.

Greatly Improved

"I initially consulted with Dr. McCleary in an effort to better control my migraines and achieve relief from the fatigue and muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia. My initial treatment included a combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy. The goals were pain relief, core strengthening, and improved balance & coordination. The treatment was successful – I was able to greatly improve, and I now rarely experience migraines and I have been able to gradually decrease some of my medications. These sessions have also helped me improve my fitness level and aided my weight loss goals."

- Lisa G.


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