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Navigating the intricacies of medical treatment under the Federal Workers' Compensation Program requires a dedicated and experienced partner. At Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center in Woodbridge VA, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services to federal workers, ensuring they receive the specialized care they deserve. From medical consultations to brain injury evaluations and everything in between, our center is committed to providing top-notch care that meets and exceeds Department of Labor (DOL) standards.

  1. Medical Consultation & Exam: The journey towards recovery begins with a thorough medical consultation and examination. Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center understands the importance of a comprehensive initial evaluation. Our healthcare professionals work closely with federal workers to identify and document all relevant health issues, ensuring a solid foundation for a personalized treatment plan.
  2. Medical Treatment: Our center is equipped to provide a wide range of medical treatments covered under the Federal Workers' Compensation Program. Whether dealing with minor injuries or more complex health issues, federal workers can trust Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center for effective and tailored medical care. Our commitment to approved treatments ensures that our patients receive the best care possible for a successful recovery.
  3. Medical Narratives and Reports: Meeting DOL standards is crucial for the approval and reopening of workers' compensation cases. At Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center, we understand the significance of accurate and detailed medical narratives and reports. Our healthcare providers collaborate closely with patients to create documentation that aligns with DOL standards, supporting the success of their workers' compensation claims.
  4. Medical Referrals to Other Medical Specialists: Certain injuries or conditions may necessitate the expertise of specialists. Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center facilitates medical referrals to other specialists as needed for a more focused and targeted approach to treatment. Our network of specialists ensures that federal workers receive the specialized care required for their specific health issues.
  5. Medical Ordering of Additional MRI, CT, and X-ray: Diagnostic imaging is a crucial aspect of assessing injuries or conditions accurately. Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center has the capability to order additional MRI, CT, and X-ray scans as deemed necessary by our healthcare professionals. Thorough diagnostic evaluations contribute to precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans.
  6. Medical Evaluation for Brain Injury & Onsite Diagnostic EEG-ERP Brain Scan Testing: Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center recognizes the unique challenges posed by potential brain injuries. Our center offers specialized medical evaluations tailored to assess brain injuries. We also provide onsite diagnostic EEG-ERP brain scan testing, offering valuable insights into brain health and facilitating accurate diagnoses.

At Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center, we stand as your comprehensive partner in navigating the Federal Workers' Compensation Program. From initial consultations to specialized brain injury evaluations, our commitment to excellence ensures federal workers receive the highest standard of care. Trust Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center for your workers' compensation treatment needs, and let us guide you on the path to recovery.


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