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DOL-OWCP Doctors in Northern Virginia

Were you injured while working for the federal government? We can help you win your OWCP claim! Let our experienced DOL-OWCP Doctors and OWCP experts help by providing medical care and claims assistance so you get the treatment and compensation benefits you deserve according to the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). If you are looking for fDOL-OWCP Doctors in Woodbridge VA contact Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center today!

Top Reasons Our Patients Love Us:

  • We complete the Federal Worker's Compensation Impairment Ratings form, including evaluation and report
  • Experienced caring doctor
  • Results oriented corrective programs
  • Holistic lifestyle wellness for total health
  • Gentle treatment approach
  • Effective pain relief

Frequently Asked Questions

I got hurt on the job, why is my claim not approved?

When you first get hurt you are involved in an adjudication process with the OWCP. You must prove your case. You can not rely on your agency or just your union to help. The OWCP requires specific, factual and MEDICAL EVIDENCE before they will accept your claim.

Can I change Doctors without being penalized?

Yes, you can go to any credentialed OWCP physician that is willing to work with federal work comp.

What kind of initial claim should I file for my work injury?

If you had an accident or an event at work that caused an injury, you should file form CA-1 immediately. If your injury occurred over a longer period of time (greater than one(1) work day then you should file form (CA-2) for an occupational disease. This can sometime be confusing and proper medical support and legal advice is vital

After I got injured, how do I get paid?

If you filed a CA-1 (traumatic injury claim) within 30 day of your injury, you are automatically entitled to 45 calendar day of pay if you provide medical evidence for your absence because of your work injury. If you file form CA-2 (occupational disease claim) you must file form CA-7 every two weeks to get paid. Remember that you will not get paid until your claim is approved.

Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses and out of pocket expenses related to my work injury?

Yes, Use OWCP form 957 for travel reimbursement and OWCP form 951 other out of pocket expenses related to your injury.

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Dr. Mac's Federal Injury Center

Your Complete Injury Recovery Plan

We proudly treat all federal government employees, including, but not limited to…

  • USPS postal employees and members of the APWU, NALC, and local unions
  • TSA, VA, BOP, DOD, DHS, and members of AFGE and AFL-CIO
    All federal government agencies including BLM, IRS, FBI, SBA, and more
  • About Our US DOL-OWCP Work Comp Program In Woodbridge VA


    • Meet with an OWCP expert to review your case and receive free claims guidance
    • We bill all services through the DOL-OWCP program and do not charge injured federal workers anything “out-of-pocket”.


    • Not all doctors know how to properly handle a DOL-OWCP claim. Our doctors do.
    • According to FECA, injured federal workers have the right to choose their own treating doctor. You don’t have to go with the “company doctor”
    • Our doctors will not bend to the pressures of your employer. And they will not take shortcuts. They’ll provide the comprehensive care and rehabilitation services you deserve and prepare you to return to work at the proper time.
  • Get The Medical Care And Compensation Benefits You Deserve!

    • We’ll help provide the paperwork and documentation you need to properly file your claim and win your case
    • We provide comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation services
    • We love our nation’s federal workers and treat all of our federal patients like family
    • We have a beautiful, welcoming, and state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate all of your injury care needs


RONNIE's work comp testimony

My name is Ronnie, I was injured on the job in 2021 and battled with OWCP for over 2 years trying to get my claim approved. I was denied at least 3 times because the doctors I went to didn't know how to write a narrative that was up to the D.O.L standards. After being denied for so long, I came across Federal Injury Centers.

I looked up the closest one to me and it was the Federal Injury Center of Woodbridge VA at Dr. Mac's Wellness Center. Even though the office was over a 3.5-hour drive, I go to his office twice per month for physical therapy, chiropractic, and redlight laser treatment and for Dr. Mac to help me with the proper admin of my case.

DOL OWCP Doctors Woodbridge VA Ronnie Testimonial

Dr. Mac went through all my paperwork and listened to me. Shortly after our visit he was able to write up my narrative and diagnosis and sent them to the DOL for me. The first time Dr. Mac submitted the paperwork it was denied again, a fourth time! Dr. Mac assured me that he was confident that he would be able to get it approved and would work with me as long as it took!

Thanks to Dr. Mac and his team my claim was finally approved. Without Dr. Mac and the Federal Injury Center, I think I would still be fighting my case. Additionally, Dr. Mac helped me through the process of getting my job to accept restricted duties that fit my present physical ability. So, now I am back at work! I finally feel like I'm getting my life back. I highly recommend any Federal worker who was injured on the job to contact Dr. Mac's office and get an appointment for the best chance to have your claim approved and to avoid all the hassle.

Video testimony

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